Swimming pool with tubular perimeter

EDR Marine designs and builds floating inflatable swimming pools and platforms for its customers, with the aim of increasing the usable space for:

- yachts

- inflatable boats

- small boats

The swimming pools have a tubular perimeter and are preferably suitable for yachts or boats of that segment. They offer a safe and protected area for children and adults thanks to the 1.5m deep anti-jellyfish net; thus ensuring you can swim away from unwanted sea creatures.

The attachment system to the boat is simple, as the pools are equipped with side handles and D-Rings; their distribution is designed to create modularity. In fact, 1 swimming pool can be combined with 1 or more platforms at the same time. Transport and storage on the boat are simple as the product is foldable.

Each device is equipped with:

- transport bag

- cordura ladder for easier climbing from the water

- repair kit

- inflation pump

*** Custom sizes available on request ***